Don’t Get Thin — Get Healthy!

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Don’t Get Thin — Get Healthy!

Don't Get Thin, Get Healthy by Loraine Holden book cover

Are you tired of trying to lose weight?

Have you tried diets then gained more weight?

Are you on the way to diabetes, heart disease, or cancer?

Are you worried about the rising costs of health care?

Are you afraid of mental and physical changes with age?

You can achieve a normal weight plus good health the rest of your life.

I’m Loraine Holden. Ten years ago I overcame arthritis and no longer needed a cane. I researched other chronic conditions and noticed many half-truths promoted by food and drug companies. In my book I dispute common beliefs and show how you can avoid obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as well as the aches and pains of getting older. Though over 80, I hike, bicycle, kayak, and go on adventuresome trips. You can do it too.

Concentrate on being healthy by integrating exercise, natural foods, and stress prevention into a normal lifestyle. Avoid unhealthy extremes like eating nothing but meat or only raw foods or avoiding fat.

In Don’t Get Thin, Get Healthy you will learn:

  • You don’t need a body shape dictated by the media.
  • You can ignore myths and half truths that can harm your health.
  • You can eat eggs, butter and other fat like humans have for centuries.
  • Processed foods with trans-fats or high fructose corn syrup can cause disease.
  • You can overcome food allergies and addictions.
  • Several types of exercise are essential to prevent disabilities of aging.
  • Your mind can combat stress for a happy, healthy, long life.
  • Love of a person or a pet and concern for others improves your health.
  • Your body is meant to be healthy. It can form many body chemicals.
  • You can prevent disabilities of aging.

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