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Exercise 2 hours after a fatty meal is healthy

July 5 article on Netscape that says fatty meal effects can be counteracted by exercise after 2 hours is not surprising.  It would take about that long for the sausage, eggs, and hash brown potatoes to be digested.  Remember fat slows down the stomach’s emptying time but by 2 hours the fat globules enter the lacteals in the villi of the small intestine and via the lymphatic ducts enter a vein that goes directly to the heart, bypassing the liver. This is efficient since active muscles, both that of the heart and the body’s skeletal muscles burn fat in preference to carbohydrate as a much more efficient source of energy.  This soon clears out the fat globules in the plasma.

Meanwhile, if other subjects had juice, cereal, milk and toast of the same 945 calories, I would expect their insulin to rise to allow all cells to accept the extra blood glucose from that meal. Glucose that isn’t needed by the brain easily enters the cells of their body fat, sooner than 2 hours after eating.

A breakfast that can damage the heart and blood vessels would be one that has margarine instead of butter and a sweet roll or syrup or jelly that contained high-fructose corn syrup.

The liver transforms high-fructose corn syrup into LDL-cholesterol and tri-glycerides (blood fats) that can clog arteries whose walls have been made stiffer by the long term use of trans-fats in margarine.