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Breast Cancer Survivor’s Diets

An article of July 18, Chicago AP describes the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It said a low fat diet loaded with many fruits and vegetables was not better than a standard healthy diet for breast cancer survivors.

First, it did not mention if the women used sugars. Dr. Bob Arnot tells his patients in his book , “Breast Cancer Prevention Diet” not to use sugar. Rapidly growing cells like new cancer cells are stimulated by sugar.

Now, most manufactured foods use high-fructose corn syrup instead of table sugar. This artificial product has been shown to increase blood fats and LDL-cholesterol. More experiments should be done on this before anyone should use it in any form. The biggest use is in soft drinks and many fruit flavored beverages.

Fat has gotten a bad name in the last thirty years. Finally, doctors and others realize that trans-fats from hydrogenated vegetable oils are harmful.  However, they still say to avoid natural saturated fats.  Studies showing a relation of animal fats to any type of cancer do not consider what these fats might contain. Unless the animal is raised on an organic farm, it will have insecticides and other toxins in its meat and milk.  These are foreign to our genetic background and could well promote cancer.

Dr. Bob Arnot also tells his patients not to use most bottled vegetable oils.  These contain too much omega-6 fatty acids.

Again, animals raised organically can contain the healthful omega-3 fatty acids as do wild salmon and other cold water fish.  Excess omega-6 fatty acids are changed into too much arachidonic acid which is bad for your immune system.

I would like to see a study using adequate fat, including organic saturated fats and oils with omega-3 fatty acids. These with no sugar to very, very low sugars plus adequate fruits and vegetables should improve breast cancer survival.