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Get Enough Magnesium for Optimum Health

Too many Americans think they can prevent osteoporosis just by taking calcium and vitamin D pills. Magnesium is a component of bone and is also involved in many intracellular enzymatic reactions. You need at least 400 mg magnesium along with 1200 mg of calcium for strong bones. Use a powdered Dolomite in liquid or chew mineral tablets well so they get absorbed. Don’t be afraid of magnesium just because a much greater amount is used in Milk of Magnesia to relieve constipation. Some studies show that 1000 mg magnesium can be used without getting loose stools.
Many chronic conditions from acid reflux to migraine headaches can be helped by daily magnesium. It has also relieved muscle cramps after exertion. Small amounts of magnesium are in green leafy vegetables and in some seeds or in some bottled hard mineral water. But this is one case where taking a pill is necessary for getting enough.

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Could suicides in doctors be linked to statins?

A recent article reported on Netscape says that 300-400 medical doctors commit suicide each year, with about equal numbers for men and women. This is higher than rates in the general population of 23 men per 100,000 adults and 6 women per 100,00 in the U.S.

Most suicides are the result of depression. Physicians can’t admit to being depressed. They do have access to anti-depressant medicines but also easy access to lethal drugs to end their misery.

Depression often has a genetic predisposition, but certain drugs have been linked to later suicide. Some are used to change the chemicals in the brain. Person’s reactions can vary.

Another possibility is the use of statins, a group of drugs that are taken to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. The doctors, Michael Eades and Mary Dan Eades, in their book “The Protein Power Life Plan” warn of the dangers of getting your cholesterol too low. They have a graph showing a steeply increasing death rate as blood cholesterol values get below 150.

Many of these are deaths by suicide following depression. Is it possible that even doctors are so afraid of death from heart disease that they try to get their cholesterol as low as possible? The Eades reject the myth promoted by the drug companies and the media that cholesterol causes heart disease.

Does it make sense that half of all adults should be on anti-cholesterol drugs to get their cholesterol below 200? A few decades ago, even insurance companies did not consider a cholesterol value of 300 to be a major risk factor. Now healthy non-smokers are scared into taking statin drugs if their cholesterol value is 240.

The brain is mostly composed of cholesterol. No wonder getting your cholesterol too low can lead to depression. Another danger of statins is they also block the liver from making co-enzyme Q10, important in the metabolism of all cells.

Drug company ads make you think that if you eat a low fat, low cholesterol diet and your blood cholesterol is still too high, you need their statin drug.  Research that showed that high-fructose corn syrup causes your liver to make the so-called bad LDL cholesterol as well as making saturated fats and putting both into your blood stream has been ignored. The use of high-fructose corn syrup has increased dramatically in the last thirty years. Meanwhile heart disease has not gone down even as people quit smoking and ate no saturated fat and cholesterol.

Before taking any drug, change your diet. Avoid soft drinks and sweet manufactured foods.

Your body needs cholesterol and can handle dietary cholesterol and saturated fat as it has been programmed to do for hundreds of thousands of years. Eating 100 to 150 pounds of sugars per year, espcially high-fructose corn syrup, is foreign to our metabolism.

Vigorous exercise and eating saturated fat can both increase the good HDL cholesterol.

Exercise can also improve brain function, decrease depression and prevent one cause of suicide.  Physicians could set this good example of more exercise and avoiding manufactured foods instead of taking more drugs.

Organ Meats and the French Paradox

Drinking red wine with its resveretrol is not the only reason the French can eat butter and other saturated animal fats without getting heart attacks. They eat liver, heart, kidney and other organs all of which contain large amounts of co-enzyme Q10, an important anti-oxidant that also helps the mitochondria within your cells utilize the energy from food. Statins,  drugs that prevent the liver from making cholesterol, also deplete Co-enzyme Q10 throughout the body. It must be replaced if not by a supplement then by eating foods that are rich in this vital substance.

Organ meats are also the biggest source of vitamin K2. This prevents clots in the arteries from forming and sticking to vessel walls to cause inflammation and deposits of cholesterol and calcium. You can avoid the expensive procedures that are used to treat cardiovascular disease by eating all parts of animals as our paleolithic ancestors did and the French and other cultures do today. Eating nothing but red muscle meat or a skinless chicken breast is like eating foods made with white flour instead of whole grains. Our bodies were not programmed over millennia to eat highly purified or manufactured foods. Plenty of fresh vegetables can supply fiber and vitmin K1 but not K2. However, if you’re a vegetarian, you have to get vital substances from (often expensive) supplements instead of from natural animal foods.