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Organ Meats and the French Paradox

Drinking red wine with its resveretrol is not the only reason the French can eat butter and other saturated animal fats without getting heart attacks. They eat liver, heart, kidney and other organs all of which contain large amounts of co-enzyme Q10, an important anti-oxidant that also helps the mitochondria within your cells utilize the energy from food. Statins,  drugs that prevent the liver from making cholesterol, also deplete Co-enzyme Q10 throughout the body. It must be replaced if not by a supplement then by eating foods that are rich in this vital substance.

Organ meats are also the biggest source of vitamin K2. This prevents clots in the arteries from forming and sticking to vessel walls to cause inflammation and deposits of cholesterol and calcium. You can avoid the expensive procedures that are used to treat cardiovascular disease by eating all parts of animals as our paleolithic ancestors did and the French and other cultures do today. Eating nothing but red muscle meat or a skinless chicken breast is like eating foods made with white flour instead of whole grains. Our bodies were not programmed over millennia to eat highly purified or manufactured foods. Plenty of fresh vegetables can supply fiber and vitmin K1 but not K2. However, if you’re a vegetarian, you have to get vital substances from (often expensive) supplements instead of from natural animal foods.