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Is your diet drink making you sick?

Aspartame has harmed many people. This is the major sweetener in most diet soft drinks and low calorie foods. Just because it has been around a long time doesn’t mean you can use it.

Saccharine had been used since the 1920s but was finally phased out when large doses caused cancer in laboratory animals.

In the 1960s cyclamates were widely used in diet soft drinks. When I heard of a study in Japan that small doses of cyclamates caused the death of fetuses in laboratory animals, I warned a friend. She didn’t want to gain weight during pregnancy as she had before the birth of two normal children, so she substituted diet colas instead of the real thing. However the fetus died at about the fifth month in two subsequent pregnancies.  Use of cyclamates was discontinued when this side effect was reported by many doctors.

Aspartame seemed to be the ideal sugar substitute since it contained two amino acids used by  mammals. However, that’s not all. Aspartame is made from aspartic acid and methylated phenyl alanine. Methanol is released when it’s digested. The head of the FDA refused to give it approval. When he was replaced 8 years later in 1981, Aspartame was declared harmless and manufacturers started using it in diet drinks and low calorie foods and as packets of sugar substitute to add to coffee.or tea.

By 1995, according to Dr. Bill Douglass, 75% of all complaints to the FDA have been about Aspartame. Headaches were the most common symptom. Dizziness and poor equilibrium were next in a list of 92. These and changes in vision might make driving dangerous, but I’ve never seen that warning. The occasional use of Aspartame doesn’t seem to harm the average person so it stays on the market. Methanol, as wood alcohol , is what caused blindness when mixed with corn liquor during prohibition. Even in small amounts I wouldn’t want that poison in my body. According to the Dorway website, the EPA limit for methanol is 7.8 mg. per day. One quart of a diet beverage has about 55 mg. Heavy users can consume 250 mg. No wonder they have vision problems or other symptoms.

Dr. Janet Hall Starr in her book “Sweet Poison” gives a detailed account of her life-threatening experience with Aspartame. For the last 10 years she has counseled thousands of people to avoid it. She has a mission to help others kick the habit of wanting sweet drinks and foods. It takes 60 days without Aspartame products to stop the cravings, get rid of adverse symptoms and regain health.

This reminds me of a person I describe in the chapter about alternative therapies in my book. Louise had numerous neurological symptoms which her doctor said might be multiple sclerosis. After two months she no longer had pains in her feet, weakness or any disability, so she walked a lot. Who could explain this remission of serious symptoms? Recently I talked to the friend who had save Louise from kidney dialysis. She found out that her friend had several diet drinks a day while on a low calorie diet. Her multiple symptoms must have been caused by Aspartame poisoning from the diet drinks. How many others are suffering because of artificial sweeteners? A friend said she got dizzy spells ten years ago when she used diet colas to help her through menopause.

Your body chemistry evolved over eons of time to use natural foods. It can often heal itself with exercise and a natural diet without chemicals. Take the 60 day challenge. Detoxify yourself and feel healthy again.

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