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Fat and Salt Myths Continue

A recent article on Netscape says 34% of Americans are now obese as  compared to 15% in 2000.  High blood pressure has increased slightly during the past 10 years from 28% to 29%. These increases are blamed on eating more fat and more salt.

There are no statistics in the article. Other sources say that eating fat has been decreasing while consumption of sugars, expecially high fructose corn syrup, keeps increaseing from the 150 pounds per person noted in 2005.

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat. It helps you feel satisfied so you don’t consume too many carbohydrates, especially sweet liquids. It keeps the cellular enzymes that burn fat, the most efficient dietary fuel.  Without enough dietary fat the enzymes that make fat out of carbohydrates increase dramatically and you get fatter.

Dietary salt does not cause high blood pressure. Your healthy kidneys can excrete it if you get more than you need.  Historically most high blood pressure has been caused by smoking since nicotine makes your heart beat faster but meanwhile causes your blood vessels to  get clamp down and get narrower. High insulin and high stress hormones can also raise your blood pressure.