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Should your child drink low-fat milk?

A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Asociation says that two-thirds of adults are overweight and 34% obese. One third of children are overweight with 17% obese. Obese children often become obese adults.  Lack of exercise and a faulty diet are blamed.

Was the wrong diet given to young children? Many mothers seem to think that the fat you consume becomes body fat. They thought they could prevent fat children by giving them low-fat milk.  Kids didn’t like it . They preferred sweet liquids  like orange and apple juice to milk Mothers then gave them chocolate milk so they would get enough calcium and protein. They didn’t realize that fat is also an important ingredient in milk. Every young mammal needs the fat in milk to grow properly.  You can prevent your child from preferring sweet beverages by making sure they get whole milk in all those years from infancy through adolescence.  Remember most body fat is made from sugars and dietary fat is used for energy and growth.

In the past thirty years when people thought they chould shun fat is when more and more Americans have become obese.