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Inflammation and Obesity

A March 1 article by Lauran Neergaard in Netscape News said it was a mystery why some obese people have heart disease and diabetes and others don’t. It’s a common belief that obesity is a CAUSE of diabetes and heart disease not that it is another RESULT of consuming too many SUGARS.

A fat person who eats lots of protein or fat can be healthy like Sumo wrestlers or Eskimos. But when Eskimos use alcohol, soft drinks or starchy junk foods, they get diabetes and heart disease.

Sugar causes the pancreas to release insulin into the blood. High blood glucose causes type II diabetes as cells get resistant to more insulin.

We now know that high blood sugar can damage all body cells by combining with proteins in their membranes in a process called glycation that can make these cell walls stiff and prone to injury.

Inflammation, a collection of white cells, occurs to patch injuries. It is measured by C-ReactiveProtein. This correlates with the likelihood of heart disease. Where high blood pressure meets stiff cell walls, the resultant micro-injuries cause inflammaation then plaque. Aspirin can prevent bigger clots here. Salsalate, an older anti-inflammatory drug mentioned in the article could help in any collection of white cells.

But the hypothesis that fatty acids leak out of overfull fat cells may not be why they’re high in diabetics. The liver makes blood fats from high-fructose corn syrup. Couldn’t this source of fatty acids set off the chain reaction in the macrophages that produce PAI-1 that causes blood clots and diabetes?

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