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Preventing Breast Cancer

In the April 19, 2010 issue of Netscape, Marilyn Marchione reports on the research of Dr. Scott Lippman.  In a long term study of older women who also have a genetic high risk of breast cancer, he found that Tamoxifen and Evista both blocked estrogen but had different side effects. He says use of one or the other drug should be individualized.

I ask if a simpler method might work. In my book, I cite Dr. Bob Arnot who tells breast cancer survivors they can prevent a recurrance by cutting out sugar and common salad oils containing omega-6 fatty acids.

I think that omitting these common foods probably allows the woman’s immune system to act effectively against potential cancer cells. Cutting out sugars would prevent the sugar from combining with protein immune factors in a glycation reaction that makes them less effective.

A moderate amount of omega-6 fatty acids as found in raw nuts helps the immune system. However the modern American diet has too much of this fatty acid. Excess omega-6 fatty acids (from corn,cottonseed or soybeans) in salad oils and other foods can produce excess arachidonic acid which can nterfere with the immune system’s natural removal of foreign cells or particles, whether they are outside invaders like bacteria and viruses or potential cancer cells.

Keep your immune system strong with natural foods like anti-oxidant containing berries and a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids and you might not have to worry about becoming a high risk patient..

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Pesticides Can Harm Humans

An article by Robin Hindery in Netscape News on April,4,2010 tells about a woman farm worker who said she had a miscariage after exposure to pesticides. Other workers in the same field felt ill but did not report their symptoms, afraid of losing their jobs. 
California farm workers handle 5 million pounds of pesticides a year. The article says that only 22% of reported poisonings were from use in agriculture and 45% were from homeowners. Of course homewowners would be more likely to report it. For a real assessment, the United Farm Workers reports cite high rates of cancer and fetal abnormalities from their members.
Indeed householders should be more careful. My book tells how I was affected by malathione, with muscle weakness for several days and joint pain for weeks. Now I don’t use any pesticides in my large yard with several fruit trees.
I think the mysterious bee hive abandonment phenomenon might be from insecticides weakening the bees and making them susceptible to mites or viruses. If honey bees disappear, killing pests on other crops will be trivial because bees pollinate all fruit and nut trees.
We should encourage organic farms and orchards with weedy fence rows between fields where insect-eating birds could flourish. Insects mutate and become immune to standard pesticides so stronger ones must be used. Can we humans survive the many new chemicals that come out every year?

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