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Why get cholesterol lower?

A new drug being developed by Merck has been reported to raise “good” HDL-cholesterol as well as lower the “bad” LDL-cholesterol even further in patients already on statins. Is this really a good idea? The American Heart Association seems fixated on the premise that cholesterol causes heart attacks and it should be as low as possible

Articles by doctors in the magazine “Life Extension” cite sixteen other factors besides high cholesterol that can be associated with heart attacks. Some are related to the metabolic syndrome that includes diabetes and high blood pressure. High homocysteine is a separate problem solved by vitamins, not drugs. Many scientists now agree that the best predictor of a potential heart attack is a rise in C-Reactive Protein, a sign of inflammation, [possibly the white blood cells patching micro-injuries in blood vessels.]

In my book “Don’t Get Thin Get Healthy”, I cite doctors Michael and Mary Dan Eades analysis of deaths versus cholesterol levels. Indeed very high blood cholesterol is correlated with excess deaths from heart disease. However, death rates from suicide, homicide and cancer rose exponentially with cholesterol levels below 100.

Anti-cholesterol drugs, called statins, cause depression as well as muscle pain and weakness in many patients. Lowering cholesterol can be dangerous. Cholesterol is essential to life. It is the major substance in the brain and occurs in cell membranes. It is the starting molecule for vitamin D, sex hormones and adrenal hormones. The HDL-cholesterol helps carry the LDL-cholesterol to the appropriate organs. It is not just the precursor of bile that helps to emulsify fat. The only problem comes when the modern diet contains too much high-fructose corn syrup. The liver makes this sugar into excess LDL-cholesterol and blood fats. Wouldn’t staying away from this artificial sweetener make more sense than interfering with the production of cholesterol using drugs?

The best ways to increase the HDL-cholesterol is by vigorous exercise and by eating saturated fat. [Be sure it’s organic and doesn’t contain insecticides and other toxins that come with the fat of animals grown in factory farms.] Humans have been eating natural cholesterol and fat for milennia and the Amish still do without getting heart disease. Let’s improve our health by getting back to natural foods grown organically.

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