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Parasites in Your Body Don’t Cause Obesity

A self-designated doctor is taking advantage of the growing number of obese Americans by telling them that manufacturers are infecting them with parasites that cause obesity. This is a case of “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”. She says that parasites cause plaque in the intestines and also send a signal to your hypothalamus for your body to make sugar into fat for the parasites to eat. This is untrue in several ways.

In reality food manufacturers urge you to eat more refined carbohydrates and if you don’t exercise these become body fat. Sweet liquids are the worst.

In the early 1900s a company put tape worm eggs in capsules and told customers they could lose weight without changing what they ate. A mature tape worm in your gut can use a lot of the nutrients from your food. You may have seen pictures of very thin people in poor third world countries with distended abdomens. Their parasites sure didn’t cause obesity.

The pictures of various parasites in Dr. Suzanne’s advertisements may be there to cause fear. The life cycle of Paragonimus westermanii must be to make the reader think her ideas are legitimate. This parasite mostly found in Asia requires an alternate host. It can be avoided by cooking crabs or other sea food before eating. I would advise not eating any raw sea food. Marinating fish in vinegar or lemon juice doesn’t kill parasites.

A heavy infestation of some parasites might cause some scar tissue—not plaque. One type of fluke does absorb glucose from your intestines and makes a little fat that is excreted with your feces. It does not cause obesity. Remember a parasite by definition lives off the nutrients in another animal’s body. Eggs from parasites can be seen under the microscope. If you’re worried ask your doctor to order the laboratory to examine 3 of your stool specimens.

Relax. Just cut out sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other manufactured carbohydrates. Exercise and eat good fats to build up the fat-burning enzymes in your cells and gradually lose body fat.