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Myths About Gaining Body Fat

Do you think your body is like a warehouse? If you eat fat and see fat on your body, it must be the same fat. That’s impossible. The fat cells in your body can’t absorb fat. They absorb glucose from your blood and then change it into fat after insulin allows the glucose into all cells, including fat cells.
Muscle cells, including heart muscle can absorb fats and use them for energy. The liver and kidneys can also use fatty acids for metabolism. Fat is an efficient energy food that can bypass the liver and be used by the body. Only if TOO MUCH FAT is eaten the liver changes it into blood sugar that can be stored in the fat cells. Similarly, if you eat too much protein, it is first broken down into amino acids. After losing their nitrogen groups which form urea, they become sugars that can be stored as fat.
The quickest way to get fat into adipose tissue is by consuming sugars in food or drink. This may be why the notion got started that if you eat a late dinner, you’re more likely to gain weight. It’s the dessert not the dinner that’s responsible. Sugars are easily absorbed and since you’re not exercising, sugars go directly to the fat cells in your abdomen and become the dangerous fat that crowds your internal organs. This also happens with beer which is a high carbohydrate beverage. One beer won’t do it but many beer drinkers often have a six-pack in the course of the evening. They get the typical beer belly.
In my fifties I used to have a beer while reading in bed. Now I have either a beer or a glass of wine with a late dinner—anywhere from 8 to 10 p.m. when interesting television is on. I can brush my teeth and then have the pleasure of a good book before going to sleep. Eating late never caused abdominal fat. However, I have a skillet full of vegetables along with a three ounce piece of salmon or lamb or two poached eggs or some slices of tofu browned in olive oil with added Parmesan cheese.
I do have carbohydrates for breakfast. I toast three thin slices of wholegrain bread. On this I place generous slices of Irish cheddar cheese. This is topped with a mixture of applesauce and blueberries heated in the microwave. It’s quick and I don’t get hungry for up to seven hours.
By consuming enough fat, I’m not hungry for sugars or processed carbohydrates or too much protein.
You, too, can forget the common belief that eating fat makes you fat. You can eat it and not gain weight. But be sure it’s not from animals raised in factory farms or from salad oils from a field crop. Both might contain insecticides or other toxins. Any fat is healthy if grown on small farms like that of our ancestors.

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