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Ginger Root has Remarkable Uses

Can ginger replace pot for the nausea of chemotherapy? Ginger has been used for years to prevent motion sickness and for thousands of years to treat the morning sickness of pregnancy. M.E. Levine and co-workers at Siena College in Loudonville New York showed that ginger given twice daily in a high protein shake could relieve the nausea that occurs after chemotherapy for cancer. That implies they could swallow liquids. Medical marijuana users often say they can’t tolerate anything by mouth and must smoke the substance to get relief. Could ginger be made into a cigarette?

Ginger root also acts against the inflammation that causes pain in muscles and joints especially of older people. Fifteen years ago I had to take up to eight 200mg pills of ibuprofen to alleviate the pain in my right knee that developed osteoarthritis more than forty years after a serious fall. When I heard Dr. Andrew Weill say that ginger root can prevent the symptoms of arthritis I started using it in my cooking. After a year I could again ride a bicycle and walk without a cane. This was the impetus for writing the book “Don’t Get Thin Get Healthy”. Recently, in July, 2011, I went snowshoeing and hiking in the Mt. Rainier area of Washington and didn’t have to wrap my knees or use pain pills.

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