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A Breakfast That Lasts

Breakfast is the most important meal to give you energy for the day. I often make this quick and healthy breakfast: I toast two slices of whole grain bread. I heat half a cup of apple sauce in the microwave. I add tiny frozen blueberries and reheat. Meanwhile I have cut several slices of cheddar cheese (from New Zealand or Ireland to avoid insecticides, antibiotics and other toxins in cheese from American factory farms.) I put the cheese on the toast and then the fruit mixture on top. I get enough fat and protein as well as fiber and carbohydrate. I don’t get hungry for 6-7 hours. Humans have eaten cheese for thousands of years. Its saturated fat is an efficient energy food.
In contrast, most typical US breakfasts lack a good ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate or don’t contain fruit and fiber. A full breakfast with eggs and fruit takes too long to make and might have too much fat or carbohydrate. Most quick ones are incomplete. Orange juice and toast with butter and jam lacks protein and fiber. Cereal with skim milk and half a banana lacks fat and fiber. A smoothie with lot of fruit is a good start. Nutrition depends on what you add. Some people add whey or soy powder for protein. (Now no one throws in a raw egg. It could have salmonella bacteria and it does contain avidin, a protein that when uncooked inactivates the B vitamin, biotin.) You could add ground nuts or seeds for protein and fat, but this takes another step and more time.

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