Don’t Get Thin — Get Healthy!

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Quick Healthy Supper

Forget fast food. Try my low-calorie satisfying skillet meal:
Braise chopped ginger and chopped onion in olive oil.
Add half a package of frozen mixed vegetables
(Or chop raw mushrooms and add half a cup of frozen bell peppers)
Add a little water to unfreeze tbe vegetables
Poach two eggs on top of the vegetables with a lid on the skillet.
Add nutrition when serving with Brewers’ yeast or Parmesan cheese.

This makes a high fiber, high protein meal so you can have it late and sleep well. It has no sugar or high-glycemic carbohydrate and very little fat. Drink a plain herbal tea. It’s best to avoid sugars at night. They are quickly absorbed and are deposited in the nearby fat cells of the abdominal area since you’re not exercising.

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