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Are Soybeans Still a Healthy Choice ?

Soybeans have proteins with all essential amino acids so have been considered superior to other beans. Most beans must be combined with specific grains to make a complete protein. However, factory farms have been sowing Round-up Ready genetically modified soybeans over huge acreages. Round-up is a potent herbicide that kills weeds but not these special soybean plants. Can we be sure there are no Round-up chemicals in the harvested beans?
I have already warned against using soybean oil because like most salad oils it contains too much of the omega-6 fatty acids. This contributes to the imbalance of omega-6 to omega-3 in the typical American diet. As I explain in my book, excess omega-6 can affect your immune system, contributing to allergies and possible recurrence of some cancers.
I had been eating tofu, the major protein product from soybeans, two or three times a week in stir-fries. However, alternative doctors say that the only soy products to use are those that are fermented, such as miso or tempeh. These are hard to find and to use. It seems that tofu can react with estrogen receptors in the body. This might not be good for some people.
The fact that genetically modified soybean plants aren’t killed by the Round-up used to control weeds is suspect. Anything sprayed on a crop is likely taken up by the soybean plants and like many insecticides it can appear in the oils contained in the beans. It might be in the proteins too. Unless the soybeans are from a true organic farm, I would avoid the tofu made from them. Until long range studies show no insecticides or Round-up chemicals jn soy milk, I hope that what is used in baby formula is always from natural soybeans grown on organic farms.

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