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Outdoor Exercise for Fitness

Many exercise physiologists believe that resistance exercise is more effective than cardio-exercise for getting a fit lean body. When you build muscle you have more cells to burn fat. Muscle cells consume many times more calories than fat cells. People at the gym who lift weights for fitness can spend less time than those on a treadmill who are just using more calories.
Go outdoors. Get both resistance exercise and cardio-exercise by hiking hills. You don’t need weights for resistance. Your body weight, working against gravity, either going uphill or downhill provides resistance. A back-pack and heavy boots add more resistance. When going uphill you improve your heart and lungs and burn extra calories.
Hiking gives the legs a work-out, but you need resistance exercises for your upper body. Push-ups are ideal for the younger set. I do modified push-ups by leaning with a straight torso on to the back of the couch in front of my fireplace.
Kayaking can also provide both cardio-exercise and resistance exercise for the upper body. While straight paddling is like walking on the level, you can feel resistance when paddling against a current or against the wind. Getting a kayak on or off a car uses a variety of muscles.
Exercise out in nature a few hours a week improves your mental outlook as well.

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