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Let Your Home Help Your Health

Your yard and the products you use in your home can affect your health. Also how your furniture is arranged can promote exercise. A large green lawn that has to be sprayed with herbicides and cut with a polluting power mower adds to the chemicals in your environment that can undermine your health. A ground cover of native plants would be better.
Hundreds of new organic compounds are being invented. Many can get into the air you breathe in your home. If your house has been fumigated to kill insects, air it out well before sleeping there. Stay with friends or sleep in the back yard. New carpeting may also require airing since it can give off formaldehyde. Take extra multivitamins and antioxidants to help your liver cope with the chemicals in the air you can’t avoid.
Don’t be fooled by artificial scents. Just because a household product has the smell of lemon or pine doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Try to get unscented cleaning supplies. Use a gel that absorbs unwanted odors instead of spraying an air freshener into a room. It just covers them up. Many sprays contain para-di-chlor-benzene, the same chemical used in moth balls. Better to grow indoor plants. They absorb pollutants as well as carbon di-oxide and release pure oxygen into the air. Even in the bathroom a hanging plant can keep the air fresh.
You’re lucky if you have stairs to climb. The exercise against gravity tones your muscles and burns calories. You can get automatic exercise by discarding the remote control for your television. Then rise from your chair using only your leg muscles.
As a way to improve my posture, I hung wind chimes in the hall. I activate them with the top of my head by straightening my back to counteract the bending over caused by gravity and getting old. My living room has enough space to do yoga and other exercises.
Whatever makes you move more instead of less leads to a more youthful body.

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