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Can Diabetes be Cured not just Controlled?

Dr. Kenneth Pullman says yes. Having suffered since childhood from diabetes, inherited from his father, he had a mission to find a cure. He spent years of research studying why blood sugar levels were always higher first thing in the morning. Where did this extra glucose come from? He analyzed extracts from kidney and liver tissues and found they did make glucose.
Then he discovered which enzymes were responsible. Next he found which amino acids, fatty acids or other chemicals could block this production. The next step was analyzing fruits, vegetables and supplements to find the ones with these unique chemicals.
He tried these ingredients first while continuing insulin and oral anti-diabetic drugs. Early morning blood sugar was always a perfect 100. He reduced insulin and other drugs and blood sugar was normal throughout the day. Voila. He was able to quit taking the medications.
He did clinical trials on both type I and II diabetics ages 7-89 and they had normal blood glucose within a month. No medical journal would print his results, being dependent on drug companies for advertising . Big Phrma could lose the thousands of dollars a year it gets per diabetic.
In the past year 41,000 diabetics used the information from a secret website. You can look for The Diabetic Protocol: Completely and Permanently Reverse both Type I and Type II Diabetes.
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