Don’t Get Thin — Get Healthy!

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About the Author, Loraine Holden

Loraine Holden, author of Don't Get Thin, Get Healthy

Loraine Holden’s background in biology and medicine combines hands-on work with patients and research on the relationship of chemistry and disease. For her master’s degree she studied cytochrome intracellular enzymes. These occur in all animals, plants, insects, and some bacteria as the final link to oxygen.

She has done research at the University of Rochester, the University of Colorado, and Hahnemann University Hospital. She did library research and wrote annotated bibliographies for Smith Kline and French Laboratories (now GlaxoSmith Kline). She went to medical school at the University of Colorado for over three years. She taught anatomy at San Diego State University, and anatomy and physiology at two community colleges in San Diego.

An ardent advocate for exercise, Loraine believes that physical activity promotes self-confidence and reduces stress as well as keeping the body in shape. She practices what she preaches. Yoga, hiking, biking, swimming, and kayaking have helped her overcome arthritis as well as preventing other ailments. Even when well over seventy, she has done adventure travel in mountains, rivers, oceans, and jungles in countries off the tourist track. This was on horseback, trekking, or in primitive canoes. She is not afraid of falling but on a couple of falls, she got only minor bruises but no broken bones.

You, too, can have an active retirement, without artificial joints or pharmaceuticals.

Ask Loraine Holden to Speak at the Next Meeting of Your Group

She can talk about her book or concentrate on the following topics:

  • Obesity is a symptom, not the cause of diabetes or heart disease.
  • Find out why some saturated fats are healthier than most salad oils.
  • Cholesterol: friend or foe.
  • Five different types of exercise to keep body and brain healthy.
  • The many factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Call Loraine at 916-966-3453.