Don’t Get Thin — Get Healthy!

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The Book: Don’t Get Thin, Get Healthy

Don't Get Thin, Get Healthy by Loraine Holden book cover

Don’t Get Thin, Get Healthy
by Loraine Holden
Golden Green Press
Trade paperback with bibliography and index
6×9 inches, 304 pages
ISBN-10: 0975506404
ISBN-13: 9780975506400
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The Golden Mean

  1. Body Image & Fat Phobia
  2. What Is Normal, Too Thin or Obese?
  3. Myths & Misinformation
  4. Basic Chemistry & Physiology
  5. Maintaining Normal Insulin & Related Hormones
  6. Natural Cholesterol in Your Diet
  7. Trans Fats Are the Dangerous Dietary Fats
  8. Factors in Cardiovascular Disease
  9. What Could Be More Harmful than Obesity?
  10. Stress, the Immune System & Essential Fatty Acids
  11. Allergies & Food Addictions
  12. Extreme Diets & Some Other Programs
  13. Diets for Better Health
  14. Dietary Supplements
  15. Exercise
  16. Alternative Therapy & the Mind-Body Connection
  17. The Cost of the Status Quo
  18. Your Final Years
  19. The End Result


  • Oldways Preservation Trust 4 Food Pyramids
  • Janeen Hunt’s Annotated Bibliography on Fat & Cholesterol
  • Personal Food Choices & Suggestions
  • Daily Food Worksheet
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Weight, Measurement & Activity Worksheet
  • Index

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The Golden Mean . . .

Let me guide you through the underbrush of conflicting claims in the scores of health books on the market. You can have a healthy body and keep it the rest of your life. Here’s how:

Avoid Extremes. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher (384-322 BC) had the right idea for a good life. He said to aim for the “Golden Mean.” A mean is like an average. It’s what Goldilocks discovered when she tasted Baby Bear’s porridge. It was neither too hot nor too cold — It was just right. Strive for a Golden Mean in all aspects of health, a middle area with room for individual differences. Your body physiology can be as unique as your appearance.

Like you, I have gone on extreme diets and got very thin, then regained those pounds plus many more. When I stopped dieting and concentrated on my health, I have kept my weight within four pounds of 120 for more than 30 years. I’m well over 60 and have abundant energy. I eat healthful foods, use very few supplements or prescriptions and get plenty of exercise.

I can help you get similar results, whatever your age. If you’re in your teens or twenties you might be lucky and feel invulnerable. Nothing seems to happen no matter what you eat or how little you exercise. You’ll find out later that bad habits can later produce minor aches and pains, then major health problems. Some of you are in your thirties and noticing the first signs of aging. Many are in your fifties starting to think about retirement. Others are in your senior years suffering from medical maladies and broken bones and going to the funerals of your friends.

It is predicted that 25 percent of Americans who reach the age of 70 will live to be 100. Other studies show that a third of people age 85 or older get Alzheimer’s Disease. But these statistics don’t have to apply to you. You can be among those who stay healthy.

Many of you are concerned about losing body fat, so the first section of the book will analyze various diets, their rationales and the effects on body chemistry. Some programs are based on misinformation.

In assessing diets and their benefits, I ask the following questions: Can you get all the nutrients necessary for health by eating raw foods or abstaining from meat and other animal products? Do you need specific combinations of foods or certain ratios of carbohydrate, protein and fat? Must you supplement any diet with extra vitamins and many micro-nutrients? Though we’re all human, there are slight differences in our cellular enzymes as well as our external appearance.

There is a Golden Mean. What you consume rarely has to be all or nothing. I’ll point out the advantages of some of the diets and valid points made by various authors. You can decide the best program for your body type and your schedule. You can vary it with your activities. A candy bar can turn to fat if you’re sitting around, but it can give you added energy during vigorous hiking.

 . . . Your body is meant to be healthy. You just have to give it the means. This book will provide the means to a fit, healthy body, avoiding debilitating aging. Keep in mind, your goal is not getting thin but getting healthy.

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