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Lose Five Pounds in Three Days

There’s no way you can burn five pounds of fat in that short time unless you’re a lumberjack or maybe an athlete doing a strenuous work-out over eight hours a day. Quick weight loss on any diet, even when you’re also taking some “magic pill” is not going to be of body fat. It is lost water or loss of protein from your muscles if you’re not getting enough total calories.

If the weight loss is accompanied by a smaller dress size or your abdomen is smaller, you have probably lost false fat. False fat makes you look fat because of bloating. This may include gas in your stomach and intestine as well as excess water in your tissues. It is often caused by a food your body doesn’t tolerate. Like many adults, I have lactose intolerance and get the bloating from milk. On occasion I have also seen a temporary increase in the size of my belly if I have too much orange juice or too much coffee. A typical American breakfast of milk, cereal and orange juice might be the cause of your false fat. With a true allergy your body reacts to even a small amount of a food you should never have. If you have an intolerance to a food, a small amount might be okay but the more you have the more bloated you get.

Before you spend a lot of money on pills containing exotic roots, fruit or seed extracts, first try different foods in your regular meals. You may discover that whole fruit and nuts makes a more satisfying quick breakfast. I often have whole grain toast with Irish cheddar cheese topped with applesauce and frozen blueberries heated in the microwave. I don’t get hungry for hours. The fat and protein in the natural cheese counteract the carbohydrates in the bread and fruit.

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