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Quick Healthy Supper

Forget fast food. Try my low-calorie satisfying skillet meal:
Braise chopped ginger and chopped onion in olive oil.
Add half a package of frozen mixed vegetables
(Or chop raw mushrooms and add half a cup of frozen bell peppers)
Add a little water to unfreeze tbe vegetables
Poach two eggs on top of the vegetables with a lid on the skillet.
Add nutrition when serving with Brewers’ yeast or Parmesan cheese.

This makes a high fiber, high protein meal so you can have it late and sleep well. It has no sugar or high-glycemic carbohydrate and very little fat. Drink a plain herbal tea. It’s best to avoid sugars at night. They are quickly absorbed and are deposited in the nearby fat cells of the abdominal area since you’re not exercising.

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Will You Get a Heart Attack by Eating Eggs?

Statements regarding a connection between the cholesterol in egg yolks and getting a heart attack have been around for over forty years. However, cholesterol is essential to life and has an undeserved bad name. No one should avoid natural sources of cholesterol. It’s in all your cell membranes and is a major component of your brain. Cholesterol is the starting molecule for sex hormones, adrenal hormones and vitamin D. If you don’t get enough in your diet, your liver makes more. However, it can make too much if you’re getting lots of high-fructose corn syrup in your food or beverages. This raises LDL-cholesterol and other fats in your blood.

Just when people were starting to eat eggs again, a study came out that reported that men who ate eggs had thirty percent more heart attacks than those who didn’t. I haven’t seen the article. Were the subjects identical in all their other food choices and general life style? If indeed they were, let’s consider where the eggs came from and how they were prepared.

Humans have been eating eggs for thousands of years without harming their hearts. However, in the past thirty years more eggs have come from factory farms where the hens may have been fed antibiotics and treated with insecticides. Since the 1950s more and more insecticides have gotten into animal products. I would rather pay more for organic eggs and not worry.

If indeed cholesterol is oxidized by high heat I prefer not to break the yolks. Instead of making an omelet, I brown onions, ginger and sliced mushrooms in olive oil, then add other vegetables plus a little water. On top of this I poach two eggs. This makes an ideal supper dish.

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Misleading Drug Ads

The Food and Drug Administration is asking doctors to tell them about misleading drug ads.  In fact an article on Netscape New by Matthew Perrone says that the drug industry spends 4 billion dollars a year on advertisements directed to consumers. 

Ads often say, “Ask your doctor for this medication” .From my experience as a medical student, I know that doctors are trained to memorize what they read in textbooks and what their professors say. They are used to accepting the ideas from an authority. It’s easy to carry that attitude to the drug  representative and accept what he says along with some free pills.

In the case of anti-cholesterol pills, some ads say that your cholesterol level can be blamed on family and food.  However, in truth only one in a million people have two faulty genes so their cholesterol con be from 650-1000 and indeed be correlated with heart disease. Even if only one of the genes is faulty, this occurs in less that one in 500 people whose levels are between 350 and 650.  So the family of almost all of the patients put on statins, (the anti-cholesterol drugs) is not relevant.

Food may or may not be causing a rise in the bad LDL-cholesterol. The media and others blame eggs and animal fat, but most LDL-cholesterol and blood fats have been made by the person’s liver from all the high-fructose corn syrup he is getting.   Two ways to get more good HDL-cholesterol are vigorous exercise and eating saturated fats, not avoiding them. 

It took over 30 years after Dr. Mary Enig published research about the danger of trans-fats like margarine, before we are now told to avoid them.

Similarly it might take as long to get much more research to advocate a “heart-healthy” diet that eliminates high-fructose corn syrup.

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