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Fewer Americans Should Use Statins

A recent report by doctors who believe in lowering cholesterol with statins said that even though 30% of adults now take statins, it should be more. Heart disease is indeed the biggest killer of both men and women but it hasn’t gone down in over 20 years of statin use. Shouldn’t doctors look at conditions that correlate better with cardiovascular disease than cholesterol does?
A high CRP (C-Reactive Protein) level is a better predictor of heart attacks. CRP can show that inflammation, a collection of certain white blood cells, is present. This may indicate micro-injuries in the walls of blood vessels. Factors that cause the cell walls to be stiff and prone to injury include trans-fats (artificially hydrogenated vegetable oils) and the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) when sugars attach on to the proteins in cell walls. This occurs when blood sugar gets too high after a person has too much sugar. The average American used 100 pounds per year in 1970 and now has over 150 pounds of sweeteners per year.
When blood pressure rises in these less flexible vessels after smoking or from stress, then micro-injuries occur, patched by cholesterol along with certain white blood cells. Sometimes these collections are easily oxidized and break off to lodge in the heart as a heart attack or in the brain as a stroke.
Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. It is necessary for life and is the major substance in your brain. No wonder that depression is one of the side effects of too low cholesterol. Your body uses cholesterol to make sex hormones and vitamin D and is important in all cells. Your liver does make excess LDL-cholesterol from high-fructose corn syrup, so avoid food and drink with this sugar. Raise your good HDL-cholesterol by exercise and eating organic saturated fat.
Side effects of statins include muscle pain and weakness. They are not benign. Statins not only block the liver’s ability to make cholesterol but also co-enzyme Q10, important in many cellular reactions. Most Americans are not the rare persons with faulty genes and cholesterol levels over 600 who prefer statins to niacin to lower their cholesterol.
Be naturally healthy by eating only organic animal fats or vegetable oils and avoiding trans-fats and too many sugars.

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More Doctors Dismiss Cholesterol in Heart Disease

The media and drug companies still scare Americans into taking statin drugs to lower blood cholesterol to prevent heart attacks. This is despite evidence from several doctors including the doctors Eades who show dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs. As mentioned in my article last month, long-time heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell put the major blame for heart attacks on inflammation caused by a modern diet high in sugars and common salad oils.
Now cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra says he has given up flattening plaque in vessels and instead has written a book “The Healing Kitchen”. It advocates natural foods based on a Mediterranean diet. But when cooking to use saturated fats like coconut oil, peanut oil or butter. Most salad oils should be avoided. They have too much omega-6 fatty acids which can be easily oxidized. He says to eat less carbohydrate but do eat enough fat. He cites the Lyon Heart Study which showed that a low fat diet can be a factor in increasing deaths. He says eating lots of nuts can help prevent clots forming in blood vessels and lower blood cholesterol. He tells of healing herbs and spices and the best combination of foods for optimum health.
Dr. Al Sears goes farther from common beliefs in his book “The Doctor’s Heart Cure”. He says that red meat does not cause heart disease. He tells you what herbs and other supplements you need to “feast on the fatty foods you really love”. He also says that his twelve minute a day exercise program is better for your heart than extensive running.
Either doctor’s program is probably better than taking anti-cholesterol drugs with their potentially dangerous side effects on muscles, liver and brain.

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No Need to be a Vegan to Avoid Heart Attacks

After the first heart attack your doctor urges you to quit eating saturated fat and cholesterol and start exercising. If that doesn’t decrease the level of LDH-cholesterol you get a prescription for one of the statins that blocks a liver enzyme that makes the so-called bad cholesterol. Why doesn’t lowering blood cholesterol prevent a second heart attack? According to several articles in the journal “Life Extension” there are sixteen other factors besides high cholesterol that can contribute to heart attacks. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and inflammation.

High homocysteine is an independent factor. This is an abnormal amino acid formed in the body when it doesn’t have enough of the vitamins B-12, B-6 and folic acid. Folic acid is in green leafy vegetables. Liver and yeast are good sources of vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-12 is made by intestinal bacteria when a person eats animal foods.

Smoking is the biggest factor in heart attacks. Nicotine makes the heart beat faster but constricts small blood vessels, raising blood pressure. The lining of blood vessels can be made stiffer by eating trans-fats or too many sugars that combine with the proteins in cell walls. Stiff cell walls are prone to injury from high blood pressure. The injuries attract white blood cells, cholesterol, fat and platelets. Later calcium might be deposited forming plaque.

The average person thinks that Bill Clinton had to have another heart operation because of eating too many hamburgers. No one talked about his smoking cigars or if he used soft drinks. Just because tri-glycerides (blood fats) and LDH-cholesterol are found in plaque doesn’t mean they came from the diet. The liver makes both cholesterol and blood fats from sugars, especially high-fructose corn syrup. Humans have been eating animal fats and cholesterol for eons of time. The French, the Amish and nomadic herders still do. Any study that claims that saturated fats are bad isn’t using organic fats. The animal fats in most cheeseburgers today come from factory farms so are loaded with insecticides, antibiotics and other toxins. These are the substances to avoid, not fat per se. For what you have been spending on anti-cholesterol pills you could have bought organic eggs and meat.

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