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Drugs Have Side Effects; Statins Are the Worst

Many elderly Americans are taking up to ten drugs. Most pharmaceuticals are used to treat symptoms, not get at their cause. Pharmacists and doctors say that some medications can even make another one less effective. Dr. Dale Peterson says that if a person is taking more than three prescriptions, the extra ones are probably to relieve side effects of the main ones.
Dr. Peterson says that statins (anti-cholesterol drugs) can have dangerous side effects.
Dr. Peterson has seen patients who got muscle pain, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression and sexual difficulties after using statins. He also reports that persons on statins can get the high blood sugar associated with diabetes. Even though statins are widely used, the Cochrane report published in January did not show that statins prevented first heart attacks or strokes.
The reason anti-cholesterol drugs can have dangerous side effects is that cholesterol is essential to life. It’s the main substance in brain and nerve tissue. HDL-cholesterol aids in transporting LDL-cholesterol to where it is used in making sex hormones and vitamin D as well as to muscle cells. Steve Reichman, researcher at Texas A & M shows that the highest levels of LDL-cholesterol are associated with the greatest gain in muscle mass from exercise.
It doesn’t make sense to block a liver enzyme that makes cholesterol. Wouldn’t it be better to quit consuming high-fructose corn syrup, shown by Dr. Bantle, Univ. of Minnesota, to cause too high blood levels of both LDL-cholesterol and tri-glycerides (blood fats)?

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