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Get Enough Magnesium for Optimum Health

Too many Americans think they can prevent osteoporosis just by taking calcium and vitamin D pills. Magnesium is a component of bone and is also involved in many intracellular enzymatic reactions. You need at least 400 mg magnesium along with 1200 mg of calcium for strong bones. Use a powdered Dolomite in liquid or chew mineral tablets well so they get absorbed. Don’t be afraid of magnesium just because a much greater amount is used in Milk of Magnesia to relieve constipation. Some studies show that 1000 mg magnesium can be used without getting loose stools.
Many chronic conditions from acid reflux to migraine headaches can be helped by daily magnesium. It has also relieved muscle cramps after exertion. Small amounts of magnesium are in green leafy vegetables and in some seeds or in some bottled hard mineral water. But this is one case where taking a pill is necessary for getting enough.

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